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BVCTC Improves Course Material Delivery and Customer Service to Students

Posted by Dean Asher on Aug 4, 2016 5:00:00 AM
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When BridgeValley Community and Technical College's 2,000 full-time students attend classes online or at one of the school's two rural West Virginia campuses, they come from many different walks of life.

Some are straight out of high school looking to earn credits at the public two-year community college before transferring to a four-year university. Others are workers who originally graduated from college 20 years ago and are seeking a new certification to pursue a promotion in an engineering or nursing career. Some students have unfortunately been laid off and need to transition into another line of work.

"We have diverse students, and our goals are primarily to assist students with achieving their goals," said Dean of Student Services James McDougle. "To do that, all of our services need to be reliable, whether it’d be our bookstore or our tutoring services."


BVCTC saw the value in using an online bookstore model to better serve its variety of students with different schedules, locations and needs, while maintaining a high quality of both customer service to students and timely delivery of course materials.

"With their busy schedules, our students are often getting a later start on a lot of things," McDougle said. "Just one or two weeks before classes start, we’ll have students registering for classes and getting their books. It’s important to have that good customer service and communication from our bookstore, so students can get their books in and be ready for that first day of class or soon thereafter."

After researching options, the school chose to partner with MBS Direct as its course material fulfillment solution. MBS Direct's 99.9% order accuracy and on-time levels and 24/7 customer contact center helped BVCTC know their students were in good hands, but McDougle said they weren't the only factors that support the school's course material goals.

"Now we can offer a lot more services to students than we were able to provide in the past," he said. "For instance, there's Guaranteed Buyback pricing. That’s really a good thing for our students, who are able to enjoy knowing the true cost of owning their books up front. That will really help them make their decisions on what books they purchase."

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