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Thinking about Expanding Your Cost-Saving Efforts?

Posted by Kate Seat on Feb 19, 2015 3:00:00 AM
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You may be feeling hesitant about adding to the cost-saving features and options already offered in your school’s Online Bookstore, and you’re not alone. Some schools aren’t exactly certain what adding Marketplace, digital content or rental options would mean for their students, or for the success of their school store. Let’s clear up some possible misconceptions:

digital schoolWhen your school decides to "go digital," does it have to be an all or nothing situation? Absolutely not. In fact, starting slowly may be your best bet: with a pilot program with one faculty member or department, or incorporating digital versions of adopted texts in addition to print options.

When your school is ready to consider digital, we’re ready to help! Our expert consultants will ensure that your institution’s individual needs and goals are the foundation for your digital initiative. We’ll work directly with you and your faculty to answer any questions or concerns you may have, to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible, every step of the way.


Marketplace adds transparency to your online store, by displaying products from private vendors as additional purchasing options. Some schools may be concerned that Marketplace products may not be clearly distinguishable from items being sold by MBS Direct, and worry about the resulting customer service aspect of the transaction.


As you can see, the distinction is clear, so students always know exactly who they're purchasing from. With Marketplace as an option, your students may be even more inclined to purchase all of their required course materials at once (instead of shopping at outside sites), since they have a range of choices available in one convenient location. In addition, Marketplace can give your school the ability to keep older adoptions in place, even if MBS Direct no longer supports them.


It’s a popular topic these days: students everywhere are talking about rental, and how it can impact their educational expenses. But some schools are reluctant to add a rental option, fearing that there may be limited quantities available or that the cost may not be appreciably lower than simply buying used. Some assume that students will forget that a book is a rental and will try to sell it back at the end of the term.

Rental is a good option for students who don't want to purchase their books, whether because they don't want to own them, simply don't want to have to sell them back or for those looking for savings at the time of purchase. With MBS Direct, students will receive a label to ship back their rental books, similar to our regular buyback procedure, so there's little room for error. Plus, when they log in to prepare their buyback quote, they'll see which titles are rentals and need to be returned.

While offering rental titles is a great way to expand the selection of purchasing options for your customers, there's an even better value available.

Guaranteed Buyback

GBBThe best value, hands down? Buying a used book that qualifies for Guaranteed Buyback. When your students select these titles, they’ll know upfront the minimum amount they can expect to receive when it’s time to sell back their books — and save up to 70 percent.

While every option may not be a perfect fit for every school, we can help you design the perfect combination for your school. Contact your account manager today for more information!

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Kate Seat is a former copywriter at MBS. When away from work, she’s either creating one-of-a-kind art dolls, reading or watching way too much tv with her husband, daughter and an irritable chinchilla named Klaus.

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