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Bishop Kenny High School Completes Buyback in 90 Minutes or Less

Posted by admin on Apr 28, 2014 9:48:00 AM
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Tommy Edwards is the Coordinator for Auxiliary Services at Bishop Kenny High School and has been participating in MBS Direct’s EZ Drop Buyback program for eight years. Before MBS Direct, Edwards and Bishop Kenny High School operated an on-site ordering and buyback program for its students. Edwards turned to MBS for a simple solution.

“We shopped around for an online company and were looking for something straightforward,” Edwards said. “It had to be beneficial and easy for our school community and MBS Direct was the clear choice.”

EZ Drop BuybackAfter ultimately deciding to partner with MBS and MBS Direct for textbook fulfillment, distribution and buyback services, Bishop Kenny High School decided to implement a program to streamline its buyback too. EZ Drop, MBS Direct’s convenient on-site buyback service for K-12 schools, helped the school collect and package students’ textbooks in just one hour and fifteen minutes. This lightning-fast EZ Drop Buyback is the fastest ever reported to MBS and MBS Direct!

According to Edwards, a healthy mix of preparation, organization, and very good staff members are the reasons why Bishop Kenny High School has such success with the offering.

“We get the kids prepared by showing MBS Direct’s EZ Drop video on our TVs several times, so they are aware of the process,” Edwards said.

“We also equip each of the rooms with boxes as well as EZ Drop bags and provide teachers with the necessary information to conduct the buy. On the last Friday of the year, the students bring their books and their EZ Drop quote while the teacher verifies the list and packs the boxes.”

The teachers also receive a Frequently Asked Questions sheet, provided by MBS, and a reiterate the fact that students need their buyback quotes before the event. Additionally, each computer in the library has the Bishop Kenny Virtual Bookstore set as its home page for students who may forget or misplace their buyback quotes.

“I get about one to two calls per year with a confused student,” Edwards said. “Most of the time, they’ve forgotten their password, which makes it easy to resolve.”

An extremely efficient method, Bishop Kenny High School can boast an impressive participation rate. At MBS Direct, we encourage all of our partner schools to make note of Bishop Kenny High School’s successful EZ Drop Buyback method. It’s an innovative way to capitalize on a service provided by MBS Direct!

Interested in getting started with EZ Drop? Contact your Account Manager for more information!

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