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Best of 2017: Inclusive Access

Posted by Liz Schulte on Jan 4, 2018 5:30:00 AM
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One of the most popular topics in 2017 was inclusive access. As more students treat course materials as an optional purchase, schools are taking steps to ensure students’ success by initiating an inclusive access program. By including the cost of course materials in tuition, course materials can be bought for less, schools can create a revenue stream and students can get the savings they want.

Best of 2017: Inclusive Access2017’s Best Inclusive Access Posts

An All-Inclusive Model for All-Student Access

The sky-rocketing debt college students incur is more than just a hot-button issue. California legislators have introduced over three dozen bills having to do with making college affordable in 2017. Schools need ways to curb some of the costs, or enrollment and retention rates will continue to decline.

A way for colleges to save students money and retain a revenue stream is by adopting an inclusive access model.

Learn the top three benefits of adopting an inclusive access program.

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Inclusive Access: The Solution You Need

Whether or not students have their required materials in hand before the start of class is a growing concern. However, not for all schools. Some have found a solution to the problem is inclusive access.

Find out how inclusive access has helped other schools.

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Schreiner University’s Course Materials Solution

As a small, traditional, liberal arts college in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Schreiner University prides itself on serving a diverse population of students in a personalized manner. The faculty and administration know each student and are invested in their success at school, as well as in their lives. They are dedicated to shaping the educational experience to suit the students’ needs as well as giving them the tools necessary to accomplish their goals. When it became clear that students weren’t purchasing course materials, the Schreiner University administration set out to find a solution that would guarantee every student had what they needed when the semester started.

Read more about Schreiner University’s success with inclusive access.

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3 Reasons Inclusive Access Benefits Students

Getting the right course materials in students’ hands before the start of class has increasingly become a challenge for schools. Some students decide course materials are not a necessary expense, threatening their overall success. Others make purchases from unvetted third-party sellers which can lead to the wrong books, poor conditions, counterfeits and lengthy backorders that leave students without the necessary materials for class. Inclusive access provides schools a way to simplify course materials distribution for students and schools alike.

Find out how inclusive access benefits students.

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Really, Truly, Actually Required Reading

It only takes a small act of imagination to understand why an inclusive access textbook model — a single fee that includes books in the cost of tuition — serves students and faculty well.

Learn from a former faculty member why students fail to purchase their required course materials. 

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