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Apps That Will Help Your Classroom Organization

Posted by Joe Clarkin on May 18, 2016 4:00:00 AM
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The K-12 classroom can be chaotic. Not only do you need to be knowledgable about whatever subject(s) you're teaching, but you're also trying to manage a room full of kids. The last thing you want to be is unorganized, and fortunately, there are some great apps out there that will help keep that from happening. Over at Education World, Keith Lambert has put together a list of "Five Incredible Apps for Classroom Organization." Check out a portion of the list below, and be sure to read the full post on Education World's blog.

Organization Apps


ClassDojo has a similar feel to TeacherKit, with some interesting additions. Yes, you can build a classroom, take attendance, and store general student information. Its behavior notes are similarly constructed, but has the addition of being able to comment on tables, groups, or individual students. Although ClassDojo doesn’t include a formal gradebook or reports section, it does add some cool communication tools. With ClassDojo, you can privately message parents using their email or phone number through the app. Parents and students can also access ClassDojo’s “class story”: a blog-like feed you can build, where teachers can update on class activities with posts,photos, and videos that can be commented on and “liked” in real-time. Messages can be translated in over 35 different languages. It’s a cute way to let parents know what’s going on in the classroom, and really adds a great dimension of community to the regular curriculum.


Compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer


Free, free, and free!


If the interface of ClassDojo isn’t for you, but you still like the communication feature, you might want to check out Remind. With Remind, you can add students and parents to a class by sharing an email link or by simply having them send a text to your Remind username using their devices. The beauty of using communicators like this is your ability to communicate through the app while maintaining your private phone number. Members of your class can message you privately and you can completely control how and when the app notifies you of the message. You can also post larger announcements to the entire class, which could include audio or photos. Another cool feature of Remind is that it has the ability to translate messages back and forth in over 70 languages.


Compatible with iOS, Android, and on any computer


Pretty darn free!


The strength of PowerTeacher is not so much in how it helps a single educator organize, but how it can be utilized throughout a school system or district. If your school is already using the PowerSchool program, this app is an essential.  Most recently released for smartphones (previously only for tablets and the web), PowerTeacher is your all-in-one organizing system. Create classes, take and track attendance, monitor grades, keep detailed student and parent information, and print complete reports. Students and parents can download the PowerSchool app to access the gradebook, attendance reports, check the school’s calendar, read announcements, and contact educators and administrators.  It’s a phenomenal gradebook system that seems to improve yearly. The larger software use not free, but if your school is looking for a new comprehensive data system, it comes highly recommended.


Compatible with iOS, Android, and on any computer


App is free, contact PowerSchool here for schoolwide/district pricing!

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