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AM vs. Food

Posted by Dean Asher on Sep 21, 2014 11:00:00 PM
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Kent Hulett, Account Manager, might be the third beefiest man in Mid Missouri.

At least that’s the rank he earned in the Man Vs. Beef eating contest, part of the inaugural MeatPalooza held Sept. 6 in Columbia, Mo. Sponsored by Schnuck’s Grocers, the Missouri Beef Industry Council and Logboat Brewing, MeatPalooza was a celebration of all things beefy with barbecue competitions, vendors and more.

Kent prepares to dive in

Kent prepares to dive in.

As part of Man Vs. Beef, Kent and other contestants had 10 minutes to take on a whopping 5-pound burger (in precooked weight), topped with bun, lettuce, tomato and cheese. The winner, who ate the most beef in that time limit, got to take home $500 worth of Missouri-raised beef.

Though he fell short of the ultimate prize, Kent noted competition was fierce. The difference between his efforts and the second-place competitor was less than half an ounce.

“The bun was actually a King’s Hawaiian round loaf,” Kent said. “It was huge! It was like they set an entire meatloaf in front of me.”

The event was Kent’s first eating competition, and though he didn’t get to stock his freezer with beef, he didn’t go away empty-handed. He left with a grill set for taking third place.

Kent said he is considering entering again next year.

“Since the competition was judged solely on weight consumption within the time period, I removed the top bun and veggies and focused on the meat only,” Kent said, outlining his strategy. “It was actually pretty good. I was concerned that it would be overcooked and dry, so I brought my own ketchup as they didn't have any. It was not overdone, at all.”

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