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Alternative Content; Saving Money with Increased Options

Posted by Carrie Watkins on Jan 11, 2017 5:30:00 AM
Topics: digital content, OER, alternative content

What are the ingredients for perfect course materials? Start with something created by subject matter experts, add short, interesting videos, include embedded questions so you know how students are moving through the material and make it all customizable so you can tweak it in the future. Mix well and what do we get? Junction Education.junction-logo-print-large_720.pngJunction Education was founded in 2014 by veterans in the publishing industry who knew there had to be a better way to deliver course content. Built with online and blended education in mind, Junction combines short, engaging video with quality content from OpenStax and other open content repositories on a platform easy for faculty to customize.

The Junction platform also features an analytics dashboard that shows faculty how students are doing in the course. Embedded assessments with adaptive features help students identify gaps in their understanding of concepts. The platform can even send alerts to students who are falling behind.

The catalog currently features nine different courses, including psychology, sociology, economics (principles, macro and micro), biology and U.S. history. Each course is available immediately without customization, but the best learning happens when the content matches the learning objectives of the course. Faculty or instructional designers can add additional content from the repository on the platform, upload content they’ve created or move chapters to better fit the sequence of their course.

If the nine courses are not what you teach, you can still use Junction Education to build your own course material by pulling videos and articles from the repository and adding presentations and content you’ve written.

Junction Education is part of MBS Direct’s low-cost alternative content catalog. At less than $50 per title, students can save a significant amount over traditional economics or biology textbooks. Learn more about Junction Education online, listen to MBS Direct’s conversation with Co-Founder Vineet Madan or contact your account manager for more information.

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About Carrie Watkins

Carrie is a former digital consultant for MBS Direct, who specialized in traveling around the country to learn about new products and services MBS Direct can provide to partner schools and bringing those ideas back into the office to work on with the digital solutions team.

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