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Alternative Content Options Expanding Education

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Dec 2, 2016 5:30:00 AM
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Finding low-cost, high quality content that engages students and is customizable does not need to be an “either/or” decision. Regardless of your goals, you have options.Alternative-Content-Webinar


K-12 schools that are integrating technology into their classrooms have seen an increase in student participation and peer collaboration. The learning experience has become more personalized and other obstacles have been reduced. On the Higher Ed front, technology has opened the doors for more students to take more classes. Technology has made distance learning easier and more than 5 million of today’s university students are taking at least one class online.

MBS Direct President and Chief Operating Officer Bill Dampier said the evolution in education is opening more doors to education.

“Technology has a place in the classroom that’s evolved beyond the overhead transparency projectors,” he said. “Educational technology keeps changing with new players offering promises of single-handedly transforming how your students learn.”

Some digital content types available include eBooks, courseware and Open Educational Resources (OER) and prices range from free to more than $100.

Carrie Watkins, MBS Direct senior digital consultant, said each alternative content option has its own set of benefits.

“eBooks are higher quality,” she said. “OERs are often the least expensive and alternative textbooks are the most customizable.”

Schools are examining more options to minimize costs to students, and alternative content solutions such as eBooks and supplemental content delivered through access codes have filled the need.

“These provide interactive, modifiable content to students’ devices for typically less than print materials,” Dampier said.  “Delivering this content in a way students can easily access their materials is something MBS Direct has perfected in our 25 years of serving more than 750 partner institutions.”

Dampier said MBS Direct will be increasing its inventory of low-cost alternative content moving into 2017.

Watkins shared alternative content solutions which can save students close to $300 per book on the “Navigating Your Content Options” webinar. The replay is now available. Learn four digital solutions designed to save your students money and provide them with the right course materials when they need them.

Learn four digital solutions to save students money.

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