The Direct Network

A New Beginning for Direct Network

Quality Counts: Why Faculty Need Streamlined OER

The Unexpected Longevity of Print

5 Things Successful Executives Do to Increase Productivity

Professional Development in Education

5 Tips for Handling Rush

Happy 4th of July

5 Reasons Faculty Will Swoon for MBS Direct’s eText Builder

Trouble in Mind: A New Study Shows a Need for Strong Mental Health Networks on Campus

Can Microsoft Overtake Google’s Classroom Dominance?

Expecting Tech

Is Standardized College Admissions Testing on the Way Out?

Under the Influence: Social Media Takeovers

Career Matters

Three Ways to Connect With Students

Barnes & Noble Education and Pearson Expand Relationship, Driving Access and Affordability at Campuses Nationwide

War of the Wireless Devices

5 Ways a Campus Text Messaging Program Can Work for You

The Benefits of OER

Managing Unmanageable Employees

Spotlight: Jennifer Relles — the OER Solution Right for You

How to Write the Perfect Bookstore Customer Service Survey (If Your Students Aren't Being Asked Already)

Crowdfunding’s Impact on Giving to Education

10 Things You Need to Know About Nontraditional Students

Mapping Student Buying Habits: A Comparison of MBS Direct Distribution Options [Infographic]

Is AI the Future of Education?

The Pros and Cons of OER

5 Hidden Problems an Online Bookstore Solves

Easily Learn More About Digital Textbooks Solutions

How Enhanced eBooks Can Save Reading

The Roads to Course Materials Adoptions

Bringing Community to College: Tuition Relief for Low Income Students

Good Fortune: Raising Your School’s Profile in China Could Elevate the Bottom Line

Code U: Computer Coding in the Core Curriculum

Really, Truly, Actually Required Reading

The Business Academic Disconnect

How to Simplify Your School’s Access Codes

The Evolution of Chatbots

Print Versus Digital: What Does the Latest Research Tell Us?

What Do Statistics Reveal About Educators and Social Media?

What Kind of Marketing Will Give Your School an Edge?

Four Ways MBS Direct Makes Marketing Your Buyback Easier

Preparing Students for Careers

What's the Best Way to Measure Online Success?

Textbook Wisdom: What Do You Lose Without the Required Texts?

3 Innovative Revenue Streams for Colleges

Helping Your Most At-Risk Students

Textbook Wisdom: What Can You Learn from a Textbook Manager?

What Can the Right LMS Do for Student Success?

Feed Student Hunger, Fuel Student Success

OER by the Numbers

Ed Tech Showdown

Streamline Adoptions With Course Director

Why Now? The Adoption Answers You Need for Faculty

4 Ways to Market Your Brand to Students

What You Need to Know to Reach Generation Z Students

MBS Direct Expert Q&A: Inclusive Access

Expert Advice to Increase the Reach of Your Email This Year

Can Smartphones Replace Laptops?

Spotlight Max Garrett: The Vital Role of Course Materials in Education

Textbook Wisdom: Do Your Students Know the Value of Books?

Build Loyalty by Offering Students Options

Social Media in a K–12 Environment: The Pros and Cons

3 Ways to Improve Your School’s Branding

Is the Tenure System Good for Education?

Should Your School Invest in Better Wellness Programs?

5 Ways to Create Better Meeting Agendas That Will Make the Most of Your Time

MBS Direct Expert Q&A: Bill Dampier on Benefits of Scale

3 Reasons Inclusive Access Benefits Students

3 Powerful Online Bookstore Metrics You Absolutely Need

Spotlight Sean O’Connor: The OER Middle Ground

What Kind of Writing Center Will Power Retention?

Integrate Success With Outstanding Simplified Solutions

Three Types of Student Support That Increase Retention

Textbook Wisdom: How Can the Official School Bookstore Help You (and Students)?

Why We Still Need Print in a Digital World

Why Are Faculty Often at War With Administrators?

Building a Communication Strategy

3 Ways You Need to Reach Faculty About Adoptions

3 Ways a Bookstore Can Boost (or Undermine) Retention

Demonstrate Digital Fluency With Your Website

Textbook Wisdom: Why Should You Know About Alternative Content?

What Happens When Teachers Are Tech Leaders?

Is Adaptive Learning the Future of Education?

Spotlight Lori Van Gerpen: You Need at Least One Foot on the Train

How Will Retail Change in 2018? Get the Year’s Predictions Here

Spotlight: Jim Luecke How Student Savings Impacts Student Success

Textbook Wisdom: Want to Help At-Risk Students? Get Your Book Orders in Early

Winning Faculty Allies in the Struggle for Affordable Course Material Solutions

Cutting Costs Through Consolidation

Print Vs. Digital Course Materials

Are Your Committee Meetings Effective or Prohibitive?

How to Prevent Backorders: Four Proactive Tips for Schools

You Can Ensure Students Have Books Day One

Alphabetically Challenged: Another Reason Students Fail to Buy Textbooks

5 Ways You Need to Ensure Your Committees Are Vibrant and Productive

Best of 2017: Nontraditional Students

Who Needs It? Explain Why the Book You Selected Matters

Best of 2017: Cost Savings

Best of 2017: Inclusive Access

Best of 2017: Digital Content

Direct Network Will Return January 3rd

Santa Fe Christian Schools Receives the Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon

Struggling With Retention? There’s an App for That

Google Glass: Changing the Face of Enterprise

Virtually Confused: How to Talk Digital With Faculty

Spotlight Sawyer Boehm: How to Simplify Implementation

The Return on Rental

Spotlight Abraham Dyer: Ways to Differentiate Your School

Can Virtual Reality Become the Perfect Learning Aid?

What Prospective Students Really Think of Your School

Spotlight Bill Love: The No. 1 Challenge for K–12 Schools

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are Your Goals Limiting Your Growth?

Easy and Timely Social Media Polls Produce Helpful Results

3 Easy Steps to Ensuring More Families and Students Get Cash Back for Textbooks

How to Make Your Mission Statement Matter

Spotlight Kim Miner:  The Branding Piece of the Puzzle

3 Guaranteed Ways to Save Students the Most Money

How Do You Maximize Social Media in the Classroom?

How Faculty Perceive Their Role in Course Material Choices

How St. Bernard High School’s STEM Program Fuels Success

How to Build an Effective Survey in 5 Easy Steps

Is Your Administration Cutting Costs or Creating Them?

How Social Media Adds Value to K–12 Education

Is Apple® Slacking Off in the Classroom?

5 Ways to Make Meetings Work

Using Big Data for Student Success

The Rental Reference

7 Ways You Need to Spotlight Students' Bottom Line

The Struggle With Personalized Learning

Coding for Kids

Toughen Up: Schools May Need to Strengthen their Online Offerings

The Winter of Students’ Discontent

North Central University Provides Students a Better Experience

Your School Needs Data on Students’ ROI

OER Email Course; Digital Learning to Your Inbox

Early Adoptions Provide Student Cost Savings

The Places to Be

Win Student Trust From the Start

Happy Labor Day!

Spotlight: Kelly Jones It All Comes Back to Service

Hear What Others Are Saying About MBS Direct

3 Lessons Schools Can Learn From Amazon

A Look at How Students Buy Course Materials

The Social Media Balancing Act

Promoversity Makes Offering School Merchandise Easy

Deepening Charter School Ties

Colleges in Crisis

MBS Direct: Your Partner in Rush

Eastside Preparatory is Now Offering Lower Cost Materials to Students

Stay Informed With Direct Network

3 Big Reasons Faculty Want an Online Bookstore

Cape Henry Collegiate Makes It Easier than Ever for Families to Purchase Their Students' Course Materials

Barnes & Noble Education, Major Educational Content Providers Commit to Fight Counterfeit Textbooks

Blink, Laugh, Share, Forget

Trending Topics in Education Podcast - Hockaday School [Podcast]

Are Course Packs the Right Option for You?

Enticing Recruits with the iPad

The Pitfalls of Big Data

University of Jamestown Bookstore Goes Online, Simplifies Fulfillment

Waiting for Superbots: Why the Next Great Teachers Might Use AI

Inclusive Access: the Solution You Need

The Adjunct Disjunct

The Retention Dimension

Devon Preparatory School Fuses Old and New

Three Ways an Online Bookstore Saves Money

3 Proven Ways You Need to Retain Students

Build Your School’s Brand

Detroit Catholic Central High School Simplifies eContent Delivery and Use for Students

MBS Direct Expert Q&A: K–12 Digital Market

Happy Fourth of July!

St. Francis Catholic High School Makes a One-Stop Shop for Students

Second Baptist School: 21st Century Education With a Christian Perspective

Low Cost Digital Content Without Sacrificing Quality

5 Things You Need to Know About Borrower Defense

Stay Informed With MBS Direct

Archbishop Hannan High School: A Lesson in Resilience

6 Alternative Revenue Streams for Colleges

Trending Topics in Education Podcast - Bolles [Podcast]

College Transparency Act

Happy Memorial Day

Greenhills School Gives All Students Individual Attention

Amazon Cybercriminals Endanger Students

Demographic Changes in Enrollment

Visions In Education Gives Students Options

The Northwest School Takes a Fresh Approach to Course Materials

ATLIS Conference Showcases New Ideas for Teaching in K-12 Schools

Trending Topics in Education Podcast - EcoRise [Podcast]

Should Cybersecurity Be Shared With Your Customers?

All Saints Episcopal School Helps Students Discover Their All

Lycoming College Partnership Better Serves a Diverse Student Body

Mars Hill University Bookstore Joins the MBS Direct Family

Buyback Is Where Student Savings and Success Start

How to Turn Around a Customer Service Nightmare

Enrollment Influences

Adoptions – Communication Leads to Savings and Student Success

6 Steps to a Successful EZ Drop Buyback

Trending Topics in Education Podcast - SkyePack [Podcast]

Find Your Fulfillment Flavor: The Best Course Material Model for Your School

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