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A New Beginning for Direct Network

Posted by Liz Schulte on Jul 16, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Topics: Higher Ed, K-12, future of education

To bring you the latest and best information about the trends in education that impact your students, faculty and school, Direct Network is adopting a new, streamlined format that will keep your community ahead of the curve.

The Direct Network blog is movingFor K–12 subscribers, content will be delivered directly to your email in a quarterly newsletter. We will feature school stories that highlight successful programs, ed tech news and developments, teaching and course material trends, and timely deadline reminders. With original content and the latest selection of curated, topical articles and reminders, it will be easier than ever to stay up to date.

Higher education subscribers will have a new home on the Barnes & Noble College NEXT blog. Here, we will bring you important industry information, proprietary student research, a first-look at new education technology, interviews with industry thought leaders, and the best ways to amplify student success and learning outcomes.

Find articles like:

Removing Barriers for Community College Transfer Students

Understanding Generation Z

The Quiet and Careful Revolution of OER

Meet Higher Education Leader and College President Mentor Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton

Degree Planning Platform to Improve Student Retention and Graduation Rates

We are excited to start the next chapter with you. 

On Barnes & Noble College's NEXT blog, you get more industry news, more  research on today's students, more interviews with industry leaders and more  ways to amplify your students' success. Subscribe now 

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Liz Schulte is an author and business owner with a background in customer service, marketing and higher education development.

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