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A "Movember" To Remember

Posted by admin on Dec 11, 2013 9:11:11 AM
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BeforeHow many days does it take to grow that perfect mustache? The answer is 30, give or take a few…

For this happy group, the 30 days in November are known as "Movember" in an effort to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. For some, the facial hair may be a welcome relief from the daily task of shaving; for others it is a layer of warmth in this cold weather or a source of pride in the ability to grow any facial hair at all. A select few, or maybe all of them, are itching to rid themselves of the hair they are not used to. Regardless of their personal feelings on the subject this group aims for one thing and one thing only, the ideal awareness raising 'stache in support of their cause. Their journey has come to the end with the dawn of December, but the proof is in the photo, here's to the mustaches of Movember!



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