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6 Ways Students Can Benefit from an Online School Bookstore

Posted by Kate Seat on Apr 14, 2015 4:05:00 AM
Topics: Higher Ed, online bookstore, textbook affordability

College students lead busy lives. Juggling classes, homework, jobs, extracurricular activities and their personal lives doesn't leave a lot of free time to devote to searching for the books they need to succeed in their studies. An Online Bookstore can provide these price-savvy shoppers with convenience, increased savings and a broader selection. Here's how:


1. They can order on their own schedule

Once a school’s official Online Bookstore is open for ordering, it’s open all day, every day. Students can order when it’s convenient for them, even if “convenient” is in the middle of the night — or in the middle of the course.

2. There are more options available, all in one place

Students want to be able to choose the format that works best for them. As rental has increased in popularity over the last few years, many students have come to expect it as an option. Digital is also becoming more popular, and selecting a digital version of a text can result in considerable savings and an enhanced learning experience.

An Online Bookstore makes browsing easy, since all of the available options are clearly displayed in one convenient location. Students can compare the prices and features of each format, and select whichever works best for them.

3. They'll have access to a wider inventory

In a traditional physical bookstore, the inventory is most likely limited by space. Because the scope of inventory is much larger with an Online Bookstore, there are simply more cost-effective options (like used books) in greater quantities available. That means more students have the opportunity to save.

4. They can use student financial aid

When students purchase their course materials from a third-party site, payment options are limited and student financial aid is definitely excluded. An Online Bookstore offers the convenience of online shopping and the ability to use student financial aid to help defray the cost.

5. Customer service is available any time

The convenience of ordering whenever doesn't mean much without great service to back it up. That's why customer service is available around-the-clock, so when a question pops up, an answer is right at hand.

6. They know that they'll get the right books, when they need them

If students order through a third-party, they run the risk of delayed delivery and maybe even getting the wrong book. When they order through their school's Online Bookstore, they know they'll get the correct item, delivered on time.

Utilizing an Online Bookstore Expands Service, Capacity and Capabilities

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