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4 Reasons Faculty Aren't Submitting Adoption Requests on Time

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Mar 15, 2017 5:30:00 AM
Topics: Higher Ed, K-12, adoptions

Having adoptions submitted on time is a team process. The staff member in charge of your book list bears the majority of the responsibility, and they are reliant on the cooperation of your school's faculty members to have everything done on time. A single unresponsive faculty member can hold up the entire process — they are often unaware their inaction is creating a problem.

4 Reasons Faculty Aren't Submitting Adoption Requests on Time

Here are a few reasons why your faculty members may not be submitting their adoption requests on time:

  1. They are new to the adoption process

This is an understandable challenge. Ensuring Faculty Member X understands the importance of their role in the adoption process will help them submit their list on time. Your account manager will be more than happy to help.

  1. They don't recognize the savings they can provide their students

Teachers want to help their students save money. So when a faculty member is late with their adoption list, it is fair to think they don't realize what they cost their students. Well before the submission deadline, make it clear to faculty how early adoptions allow you to receive more used or rental titles, which save their students money.

  1. They don't know what effect it has on buyback

An early-submitted list helps when preparing for buyback. You will already know which books your instructors are planning on using the following semester, and you can purchase the necessary titles from students in greater quantities. A list submitted after, or too close to, buyback can leave you scrambling or without the books you need for the next term.

  1. They aren't sure which books they want to use the following term

Some faculty members' inactivity could simply come down to indecision. By making them aware of the consequences of continuing the indecision, you should be able to encourage them to submit their adoptions requests ahead of the deadline. If they need help, be sure to tell them how they can research titles and use Course Director to help ease the process.

Originally posted June 30, 2015

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