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3 Reasons Inclusive Access Benefits Students

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 1, 2018 5:30:00 AM
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Getting the right course materials in students’ hands before the start of class has increasingly become a challenge for schools. Some students decide course materials are not a necessary expense, threatening their overall success. Others make purchases from unvetted third-party sellers which can lead to the wrong books, poor conditions, counterfeits and lengthy backorders that leave students without the necessary materials for class. Inclusive access provides schools a way to simplify course materials distribution for students and schools alike.

3 Reasons Inclusive Access Benefits StudentsReasons to consider an inclusive access solution

  1. Lower costs and increase revenue
    Inclusive access provides schools with the ability to lower the cost of course materials and increase the number of students who order through the school. When the administration retains pricing control, they can choose the amount of savings to pass along to students in conjunction with the revenue the school needs to see from course materials distribution. Inclusive access partners who can tailor the program to the needs of your school ensure expectations are met.

  2. Streamline course materials distribution
    Managing course materials can quickly become costly and overwhelming for those who are tasked with the duty. The extra hours and employees needed to ensure the process is smooth increases the overhead cost which then has to be passed along to students or cuts into the school’s revenue stream. The right inclusive access partner can not only integrate with your SIS, but it can also simplify the process for everyone involved. In addition to supplying the materials your school needs, they offer schools a choice on whether to have materials delivered directly to students or to the school. This enables schools to choose how involved in the details of course materials distribution they would like to be.

  3. Decrease negative student experiences
    Obtaining the correct course materials can be confusing for students. Many factors go into course materials selection and distribution that students are not aware of. This confusion can lead to negative experience with the school, decreasing their opinion and trust in the school. Inclusive access provides an overall better course materials experience for students. Rather than worrying about when and how to get students their materials, you have the assurance they will be there before classes start. More than that though, students can also easily opt out of the program if they feel it isn’t the right choice for them. Also, with programs like MBS’ Direct Success, students can also choose the course materials format (new, used, digital and rental) that suits them best rather than being limited to just one.

Inclusive access is an attractive solution for many schools who struggle with efficient course materials distribution. Students having the assigned course materials is necessary to their overall success and retention. Receiving course materials two weeks after classes start lowers student grades substantially more than those who receive their materials in a more timely manner, according to research. Inclusive access ensures student success by taking the guesswork out course materials.

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