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3 Easy Steps to Ensuring More Families and Students Get Cash Back for Textbooks

Posted by Lori Reese on Nov 16, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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If you want families and students to save on textbooks, you need a buyback marketing strategy. Many schools advertise in a monthly newsletter. That’s a good start, but these days, it’s not enough to reach distracted parents and kids.

Three Easy Steps to Ensuring More Families and Students Get Cash Back for TextbooksA full 96% of American households own at least one smartphone, according to a Pew Research Center survey. Among those between ages 18-29, 92% regularly spend time engaging with these devices — texting, googling and, of course, checking social media.  Few people read something as long as a newsletter on a tiny screen.

A good buyback marketing strategy need not be complicated, but it should target audiences where they are. That means advertising in the school hallways and classrooms, posting on your website’s homepage, sending an email and featuring buyback on social media. This is called an omnichannel approach. It guarantees that students and parents will see the buyback ad in the places they spend the most time.

If that sounds like a lot of work, take heart: Once you’ve established the basic language for your announcement, you only need to adapt it to the different media. Follow the guide below and you can complete a highly effective omnichannel marketing campaign in less than an hour.

 Pro tip:

Keep your buyback announcement as simple as possible and it won’t be forgotten.

 Pro tip:

Include phrases in your message that inspire a sense of urgency like “don’t miss out.”

3 steps to easy buyback marketing

  1. Draft

Use a longer message like those below for your website, email and newsletter. Then cut those down for use on social media.

 Buyback Marketing Draft:

Get cash for textbooks. Sell your print course materials at school on [Start date to end date]. Ensure you receive the best value for your education. Don’t miss out on buyback! 

If you plan to make use of MBS Direct’s EZ Drop, you can advertise as follows:

 EZ Drop Ad:

Get cash for textbooks. Drop print course materials off at school between [Start date and end date] and receive a check in the mail for their value. Ensure you receive the best value for your education.Don’t miss out on buyback!

  1. Modify

Adapt your draft for different media.

Here are simple messages you can share on the three big channels — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — and on posters you place around school.


Get cash for textbooks! Sell print materials at school [Startdate – Enddate]. Don’t miss out on buyback!

  1. Post and repeat

Don’t be afraid to post your social media announcement many times in the weeks before buyback. It might look repetitive on your school’s Facebook page, but readers won’t experience it that way. Each post will be mixed in with a variety of elements in their news stream, where repetition is part of a good advertising strategy.

 Pro tip:

Marketing agency CoSchedule recommends posting important items as many as 60 times on social media. 

Follow this roadmap in your marketing and you’re sure to reach more families and students. Remember, the better value they receive on their books, the better they feel about paying for their education.


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Lori Reese is a writer and an educator with 20 years of experience in higher education teaching.

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